Bist Du Bei Mir

Composer: J.S. Bach
Category: Classical

'Bist du bei mir' works well as either an instrumental or vocal performance. It's very adaptable for any combination of instruments as well -- piano, organ, acoustic guitar, harp, and you can also add flute or violin for the melody line if you have such a musician playing for your wedding. I've sung it in its English translation, which is also quite lovely and very appropriate for weddings. I'll include both the German and English text below.

Free sheet music (piano/vocal score)



Bist du bei mir,
geh ich mit Freuden
zum Sterben und zu meiner Ruh.

Ach, wie vergnügt
wär so mein Ende,
es drückten deine schönen Hände
mir die getreuen Augen zu!


If Thou art near when life is closing
All joyful shall I fall asleep,
Be Thou with me as I awaken,
And claim my soul when I arise

Ah, how serene,
were thus my passing,
Thy tender hand upraised in blessing
Would sanctify my slumber deep

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