Composer: Handel
Category: Classical

Handel's Bourree (pronounced "boo-ray") from his Flute Sonata in G major is a good example of the French Baroque dance, often utilized in the compositions of Bach, Handel and Chopin. It's an up-tempo dance, and quite cheerful. Interestingly, several rock groups have used another famous bouree - one by Bach in E minor - as the basis of some of their music, such as Jethro Tull in 1969 on their Stand Up album. Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page (using the same Bach bourree) often played the opening section as part of his solo in live performances of Heartbreaker.

However, this Handel version is often played not only by flautists, but also by violinists, particularly those who study through the Suzuki series of music books. It is usually accompanied by piano.

Free sheet music (flute/piano) - flute part can also be played by violin

Sheet music (piano solo)

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