Christian Wedding Music

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There is a rich selection of Christian wedding music available to you if your faith influences the music you choose for your wedding day, or if you are restricted in your music choices because of the wedding venue. Some churches have an approved list of song titles for weddings, and do not allow most secular songs to be done at wedding ceremonies held in their facility.

One of the criteria I've used in choosing titles for the list below is the lyrics. One thing I've seen in some religious wedding music compilations are songs written from someone to God (as a prayer) but because the words don't directly *say* God, it can be taken as a love song from one person to another. In cases like that, I've NOT included those songs. It's a pet peeve of mine, songs written ambiguously to God without directly mentioning Him. He's kinda important, so He deserves to be acknowledged directly, not mistaken for your significant other!

A good way to involve your guests in your Christian wedding music is to have a hymn or worship song sung congregationally during the ceremony. As a courtesy to those who may not be familiar with the song, consider printing the words in your ceremony program or projecting them on a screen.

Another really nice option if you have musical friends (or if you are part of a choir) is to have a "wedding choir" sing one or more of your Christian wedding music selections. They may be quite willing to sing at your wedding as a wedding gift to you (and what a lovely gift!). If you belong to a church with a children's choir, think of the sweet music they would contribute to your ceremony! Just be sure that you give the performers enough lead time to prepare, especially if you have a specific song in mind. They will likely need to find a choral arrangement of it, or design their own.

Song Title Composer or Performer
Bonded Together Twila Paris
Cherish the Treasure Steve Green
The Day Before You Matthew West
For Life and All Its Richness Ron Klusmeier
Fly Sara Groves
God Gave Me You Dave Barnes; Blake Shelton
Household of Faith Lamb/Rosasco
How Beautiful Ben Utecht
How Beautiful Twila Paris
I Call It Love Billy Sprague
I Will Be Here Steven Curtis Chapman
If You Could See What I See Geoff Moore & The Distance
Keeper of the Stars Tracy Byrd
Look What Love Has Done Jaci Velasquez
The Lord's Prayer Malotte
Make Us One Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Oh Happy Day various
Perfect Union Matthew Ward
Seekers of Your Heart Larnelle Harris/Sandi Patty/Steve Green
Since I Found You Matthew Ward
Something Beautiful Newsboys
This is the Day Scott Wesley Brown
When God Made You Newsong
When I Say I Do Matthew West
Yes We Can Me In Motion

What other Christian titles do you think should be added to the list?

Help me build a diversified list of Christian music for weddings. In particular, what modern Christian songs have you heard that would be good for a wedding? Have your say and watch this list grow.

Or, did your wedding venue object to any of your Christian song choices? What was the song they didn't allow you to use? Tell us what happened - did you convince them to let you use it anyway or did you choose something else on their "approved" list?

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