Exsultate Jubilate (Alleluia movement)

Composer: Mozart
Category: Classical

Mozart wrote the Exsultate, Jubilate solo motet in 1773 while visiting Milan. It's a glorious work for solo soprano, and I have had the privilege of accompanying a very good soprano when she performed it. It is not an easy piece for either singer or accompanist, but definitely gives a feeling of "whew, what a ride!" when you're done. The Alleluia is the final section, and bubbles over with joy and exuberance - a perfect classical underscore for a wedding recessional.

Personally, I would suggest that you choose an instrumental version of the Alleluia if you are going to use it for your recessional. First, you have to know a cracking good soprano willing to sing this. Second, because of its vocal virtuosity, having a singer do it would (in my opinion) take away the focus from the wedding couple.

I've included a great mp3 version of the Alleluia movement below performed by the Canadian Brass, which is a wonderful choice for exit music - who doesn't want to walk out to fanfare? But for fairness' sake, I've also included a vocal version so you can hear what I'm talking about in its original vocal form.

Free sheet music (organ, 2 trumpets) - full score

Free sheet music (string quartet)

Sheet music (piano/vocal)

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