Handel Allegro Maestoso from Water Music

Composer: G. F. Handel
Category: Classical

The Handel Allegro Maestoso (alternatively called "Alla Hornpipe") from Handel's Water Music is the 2nd movement in the 2nd suite of pieces composed (along with two other complete suites) for England's King George I in 1717. George had commissioned the music for a concert meant to be performed while he and a group of friends traveled together down the River Thames after a party. The concert actually began after midnight, and it was said that King George loved the music so much, he had the musicians play through all three suites 3 times!

The Allegro Maestoso/Alla Hornpipe movement is an excellent choice for a bright and energetic fanfare for either the bridal entrance or the recessional. If you have access to a trumpet player, that would be fabulous. It also sounds fantastic on a pipe organ with the, well, PIPE stops utilized. I'd definitely recommend it if your venue is cathedral-like, as the trumpet/hornpipe sounds will echo impressively in the room. It also would work outdoors, provided you have the recommended trumpet player, or a decent sound system if you are having it played on a keyboard.

Free sheet music (organ)
Free sheet music (piano)

Sheet music (organ - more complete score)
Sheet music (piano solo)
Sheet music (string quartet score and parts)
Sheet music (piano and C instrument solo, eg. violin or flute)
[if using trumpet, your trumpet player will need to transpose the part up a full tone]

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