How Beautiful

Songwriter/Performer: Ben Utecht

Ben Utecht is someone you may have heard of in one of two very different fields (literally) - pro football, and Christian contemporary music. He is a Super Bowl winner, having played several seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and briefly with the Cincinnati Bengals. He grew up singing, and after his football career ended, he poured himself more into a professional singing career, connecting with such people as Sandy Patti and Jim Brickman (with whom he toured in 2011/2012).

This ballad comes from his debut self-titled album in 2009. He wrote and sang it for his wife at their wedding. If you are familiar with the book of Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) from the Bible, you may recognize their influence on Ben's lyrics.

What a great tribute for a groom to dedicate to his bride - his acknowledgement of her beauty, especially on this day when a woman is her most beautiful! I don't know when Ben sang it to his own bride during the ceremony, but I think it would be amazing as the groom singing his bride down the aisle (provided he can keep it together enough to get the words out!), or during the unity ceremony (if someone else is singing it on behalf of the groom who would be otherwise occupied at the moment).

If you come across the sheet music for this (I've been unable to), please let me know!


Awake my love, for time is standing still
While breathless words are waiting to be filled
A story of love that penetrates the soul

The Spirit has led us together at last
No more waiting the time has passed
Fading from myself, dissolving into you

How beautiful you are my darling
Oh, how beautiful you are to me
Your lips are like a scarlet ribbon wrapping me
Your eyes behind your veil fly away

The secret of us is welling deep inside
Waiting for the choice that will make it come alive
So I choose you my love to take this walk with me

You are mine, oh and I am yours
From the breaking of the day, until all the shadows fall away

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