If You Could See What I See

Songwriters: Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman
Performers: Geoff Moore & The Distance
Category: Christian

Geoff Moore & The Distance was a Christian soft rock band that performed and recorded in the late 80s and 90s. Geoff went on to become a solo artist in the late 90s and continues to release albums, including his latest "Saying Grace" in 2011. He and Steven Curtis Chapman are close friends and have collaborated on a number of joint projects (including this song). He even followed SCC's example and has adopted two daughters from China.

This song is from his 1993 Evolution album. It is an incredibly romantic ballad from a groom to his bride, and there is a depth in the lyrics that goes far beyond sappy cliché.

Sheet music (piano solo)
Sheet music (piano/vocal)


All of my life
I have dreamed
That somehow a love would find me
Now I can't believe you're standing here

If beauty is all
In the eye
Of the beholder than I
Wish you could see
The love for you that lives in me

And you would know you have my heart
If you could see, what I see
That a treasure's what you are
If you could see, what I see
Created to be
The only one for me
If you could see, what I see

I know there are days
When you feel
So much less than ideal
Wondering what I see in you

It's all of the light
And the grace
Your belief in me drives me to say
That I promise you
a faithful love, forever true


If you could see
Then you'd understand
Why I fall down to my knees
And I pray my love
Will be worthy of
The one who gave his life
So our love could be

If you could see
what I see(x2)

You're created to be
The perfect one for me
If you could see
What I see

If beauty is all
In the eye
Of the beholder than I
Am beholding...
True beauty

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