Choosing your PERFECT wedding music

It shouldn't be so hard to find the right wedding music, should it? But more often than not, couples coming to me to discuss their wedding ceremony music have NO idea where to start!

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That's where this site comes in. Whether you've already got a clear idea of what your special day is going to look like, or you haven't the foggiest idea where to begin, I can suggest some songs that will capture your style and add the right tone to create a ceremony that says "This is us"!

You'll find titles organized by theme: classical, country, 70s, 80s, gospel, & more. Check out clips of the tunes (I don’t know about you, but I’m TERRIBLE at remembering tunes and titles together!), and even download sheet music.

If you're in a real hurry or don't feel like browsing through all the lists to choose individual song titles for each part of your ceremony, I've put together some suggested complete wedding music packages, covering the bridal party, the bride's entrance, the unity ceremony, and the recessional. Just print off the set of titles and take it to your organist or other musicians and voila! One less thing on your massive to-do list!

Something to note: you will probably notice several titles that appear in different lists on this site. That's just demonstrating that a song may be useful in more than one category. Or you may think a title I've listed in the Flower girl section really fits better in your wedding for your bridesmaids. That's totally fine. Everyone has different ideas of what music works best for their wedding ceremony, so do what suits you!

Ready? Let's get you started. Here are some steps to follow to put together that program of perfect wedding music.

Step 1 - Where, when, how big, and how much

First, write down the time & place of your ceremony. Are you having it in a church, hall, backyard, beach, or some other location? That will have a definite impact on the music you choose and the musician(s) who can do it for you. Keep in mind that if your ceremony is outdoors, any musician needing electricity will need to have access to a plug-in for their equipment.

Also, how big is your wedding party? One or two attendants on each side? Nine? Flowergirl or no flowergirl? Candlelighters? You will need to have wedding music for all of this, whether one song for the whole crew, or separate songs (especially if you have a large wedding party plus candlelights plus parents, plus... you get the idea).

And (very important!), what is your wedding music budget? This will determine whether you can afford to hire the band for the ceremony (if it's allowed in the venue where you're at), the church organist, a pianist, a small acoustic instrument combo (we had a harpist & violinist - very nice!), or if you're really stretched for budget, a CD you burn yourself and have played over the sound system.

Step 2 - Wedding theme

Do you have a particular theme for the wedding? Do you prefer a certain wedding music style (classical, contemporary, 80s, country, etc)? Based on how you answer those questions, you can now start filling in the blanks in the ceremony where you need music.

Step 3 - Book the music

Now you can hire your musician(s). When you first contact them, be prepared to explain what you need -- how much music, what styles & titles you've come up with, etc. -- to be sure they can do what you're asking. A flute player isn't going to be able to pull off that Coldplay song you're dying to walk in to, at least not the way you probably are hoping it will sound!

Also clarify whether you need to provide them with sheet music for specific titles you're requesting, or whether they will take care of that as part of their fee.

And of course, don't forget to give them the dates & times of the rehearsal and wedding ceremony!

Step 4 - Reconfirm

About 3 weeks before the wedding, check back with your musician(s) to confirm that everything is still on track for the big day. Reconfirm your rehearsal & ceremony places, times & dates. This gives them time to order in music if still needed, and if something (God forbid) unforeseen has come up for them, you have at least a hope of finding alternative musicians.
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