It Had To Be You

Songwriters: Isham Jones, Gus Kahn
Performer: various
Category: Golden Oldie

There are few classic songs that are as well-known as this one. It was written in 1924 and no one performer probably cornered the market on it, though anyone who loves this song probably has a particular artist associated with it.

A short list of artists who have recorded this include: Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra (known for their premiere of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue), Dick Haymes & Helen Forrest, Doris Day, Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand, John Travolta, Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr. (for When Harry Met Sally soundtrack), Diane Keaton (in the starring title role for Annie Hall), Kenny G, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Liza Minnelli, and Tony Bennett.

Though some versions are quite laid-back, it can work very well as medium-to-up-tempo wedding recessional, with its stance of total commitment to the other person, flaws and all, because of their love for them.

Sheet music - Harry Connick Jr verson (piano/vocal, can be piano solo)
Sheet music (piano/vocal)


Why do I do, just as you say
Why must I just, give you your way
Why do I sigh, why don't I try - to forget

It must have been, that something lovers call fate
Kept me saying: "I have to wait"
I saw them all, just couldn't fall - 'til we met

It had to be you, it had to be you
I wandered around, and finally found - the somebody who
Could make me be true, and could make me be blue
And even be glad, just to be sad - thinking of you

Some others I've seen, might never be mean
Might never be cross, or try to be boss
But they wouldn't do
For nobody else, gave me a thrill - with all your faults, I love you still
It had to be you, wonderful you
It had to be you

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