Love Is a Beautiful Thing

Songwriter: Seth Swirsky
Performer: Al Green
Category: Contemporary

Al Green recorded this song on his 1995 album Your Heart's In Good Hands, though it was originally written in 1991 and recorded by Charles and Eddie on their 1991 Duophonic debut album. You may have heard Al Green singing it in one of the following movies: The Pallbearer, Sorority Boys, Two Weeks Notice, or The Cookout. It was also used as the Revlon theme song during their 2004 ad campaign. Tina Turner also recorded this for the 1997 Princess Diana tribute album.

Surprisingly, I cannot locate sheet music for this song, whether under Al Green music or any of the others. Al Green's recording is unavailable too, except on Youtube. Such a shame, since I think it's a GREAT wedding recessional! If you do come across it, please let me know. Phil Vassar's song of the same title is available, but that's a totally different song.


Been so long since I met you
And all the changes we've been through
And all this time I can't forget you
Everywhere I turn I think of you
And I..I wanna love ya baby
And you-ooh, you are all I need

Soul to soul, fire to fire
Nothing's like this man's desire
Love is a beautiful thing
One to one, you and me
Maybe it's our destiny
'Cuz love is a beautiful thing
It's so beautiful, beautiful

Love is such a sweet emotion
I want to share it all with you
Your trust and endless devotion
There ain't nothing in this world we can't do
Tonight I want to thank, thank you baby
And you make my life complete


...Somebody raise your hand now [beautiful, beautiful]
...Ooooooooh I know I know I know [beautiful, beautiful]

And I, I wanna touch you baby
And you, you're all I need


Stay together through thick and thin
Now I know I've got a friend
'Cuz love is a beautiful thing
Face our fears all through the years
Now I know there are no more tears
Love is ...

Soul to soul, fire to fire
Nothing's like this man's desire
'Cuz love is ...

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