Make Us One

Songwriter: Carol Cymbala
Performer: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Category: Christian

I love the music of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - it's probably my most favorite gospel choir ever, and I've had the chance to play & sing a lot of their choir music over the years with various church choirs. They've been around since their humble beginnings in 1973 with eight choir members, to the nearly-300-strong voices today, based out of the Brooklyn Tabernacle in downtown Brooklyn, New York. They've won six Grammys as well as numerous other awards, released dozens of albums, and performed in Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Madison Square Garden. Most of the singers are untrained, and they come from a huge diversity of ethnic and economic backgrounds - from ex-crack addicts and prostitutes to doctors and lawyers.

They are all unified in their desire to worship God with their music and bring hope and healing to their listeners, which shows in their passionate and thoroughly-inspiring music.

This particular song comes from their 1991 The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Live with Friends CD. It's actually not easy to find this CD nowadays (I think I actually have the cassette!) except from re-sellers, and the same with the choir book containing this arrangement. But it is a wonderful song, and perfect for a unity ceremony - at least I think so, since it's what we chose for ours! It's actually a song about unity within the Christian church, but it works equally well as a song of unity between a husband and wife.

Sheet music (SATB/piano) - hard copy book containing this song


Make us one Lord
Make us one
Holy Spirit make us one
Let Your love flow
So the world will know
We are one in You

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