Minuet (Mozart)

Composer: Mozart
Category: Classical

Mozart wrote many minuets in his short but prolific career, several of which were included in a notebook of compositions compiled by his father Leopold It was dubbed the Nannerl Notenbuch (Nannerl was the name of young Mozart's sister), and eventually contained 64 compositions by various composers including Leopold and his famous son.

This particular Minuet in G major K. 1e is one of Mozart's earliest compositions, probably written when he was only five or six years old - so young, in fact, that his father was the one who notated the composition on young Mozart's behalf. It is only about 30 seconds long, and written for the harpsichord.

I think it's a wonderfully appropriate choice for flower girls, given the youth of the composer and its cheerful, simple sound.

Free sheet music (piano solo)

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