The Notebook theme

Composer: Aaron Zigman
Category: Contemporary

"The Notebook" theme is a rather special piece of music to me. "The Notebook" was the first movie my future husband and I watched together - I had just gotten the DVD of it and hadn't even taken the packaging off of it. And as a pianist, the Notebook theme music is just so beautiful to me, and so sensitively played in the movie. I may just be slightly biased, but I love the simplicity and poignancy of the music. At our wedding, it was played by harp and violin (another lovely adaptation of any piano/violin or piano/flute charts you see listed on this site).

Also the underlying concept of Notebook movie (and the book) is a totally appropriate one for a wedding - the persistence and commitment of a couple whose love helps them overcome the challenges of other relationships, and times of separation and disagreement. It leads to love that endures for a lifetime together, even in the twilight years of their marriage. Yep, a totally appropriate theme for a wedding ceremony!

Sheet music (piano solo)
Sheet music (French horn/piano)
Sheet music (flute/piano)
Sheet music (violin/piano, could also work for cello/piano)

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