On Wings of Song

Composer: Mendelssohn
Category: Classical

On Wings of Song (Auf Flügeln des Gesanges) is probably one of Mendelssohn's most recognizable compositions. I have played it as a piano solo, and taught it to voice students (German version). It also comes in various chamber settings, such as violin/piano versions.

The text (written by Heinrich Heine) tells of two lovers who are transported by the power of song to a gorgeous night garden where they can dream among the beautiful flowers, gazelles, quiet stream and palm tree.

Sheet music (piano solo)
Sheet music ( piano and C instrument - flute, violin, etc)
Sheet music (voice/piano)



Auf Flügeln des Gesanges
Herzliebchen, trag ich dich fort,
Fort nach den Fluren des Ganges,
Dort Weiss ich den schönsten Ort,

Dort liegt ein rotblühender Garten
imstillen Mondenschein,
Die Lotosblumen erwarten
Ihr trautes Schwesterlein.

Die veilchen kichern un kosen,
Und schaun nach den Sternen empor,
Heimlich erzählen die Rosen,
Sich duftende Märchen ins Ohr.

Es hüpfen herbei und lauschen
Die frommen, klugen Gazelin,
Und in der Ferne rauschen
Des heilgen Stromes Well'n.

Dort wollen wir niedersinken
Unter dem Palmenbaum,
Und Liebe und Ruhe trinken
Und träumen seligen Traum

English translation

On wings of song,
my love, I’ll carry you away
to the fields of the Ganges
Where I know the most beautiful place.

There lies a red-flowering garden,
in the serene moonlight,
the lotus-flowers await
Their beloved sister.

The violets giggle and cherish,
and look up at the stars,
The roses tell each other secretly
Their fragrant fairy-tales.

The gentle, bright gazelles,
pass and listen;
and in the distance murmurs
The waves of the holy stream.

There we will lay down,
under the palm-tree,
and drink of love and peacefulness
And dream our blessed dream.

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