Organ Concerto

Presto from Handel's Organ Concerto in F Major, Op. 4, No. 5

Composer: Handel
Category: Classical

Handel wrote the six concertos of Opus 4 in 1735 for a very practical reason - he needed filler to entertain the audiences during the intermissions of his oratorio performances. But such was his genius that these works survive today as great compositions on their own merit.

The final movement of Handel's 5th organ concerto is a cheerful, lilting Presto that suits well a wedding recessional for a classically-themed wedding. Its strong sense of rhythm fits with the joyful exit of a bride and groom. Of course it is most suited to being played on the intended instrument - the organ, but it can be adapted for other instruments as well - piano, or solo instrument with piano accompaniment.

Sheet music (organ solo) - book of organ concertos #4, 5 & 6, transcribed for organ solo

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