Pachelbel Canon in D

Composer: Pachelbel
Category: Classical

This is one of those quintessential wedding processional pieces - it's hard to NOT think wedding music when you hear this being played. What I love about it as a musician is its versatility while the bridal party (or the bride herself) is walking in. I call it the "inchworm piece" because it's organized neatly in 4-bar segments that can be cut off at any junction.

So if the church has a lo-o-o-o-o-ong aisle, or the flower girl is taking a little more convincing to get going, or the next bridesmaid misses her entrance cue, the musicians probably won't run out of music. Or if it takes all of 10 seconds to get everyone in, I just prepare to play the first couple of sections and maybe the last triumphant one (if it's the bride's entrance).

Free sheet music (string quartet & continuo)

Sheet music (piano solo)

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