Composer: Debussy
Category: Classical

Reverie is a piano piece by French impressionistic composer Claude Debussy in the late 19th century. He was a prolific composer in the impressionistic style - which sought to express abstract ideas such as light, color, nuance and atmosphere in the music, rather than straight-ahead melodies and harmonic progressions. So his music is nicely-suited for mood-setting or enhancing, which works well for background music at a wedding!

Although Debussy himself actually didn't much like his own composition, it has been hugely influential and popular with musicians in the years since its composition. Interestingly, it (as well as much of Debussy's other music) has influenced jazz, even to the point of being the basis of bandleader Larry Clinton's 1938 hit song "My Reverie."

Reverie (which means dream) comes in a variety of arrangements, working especially well for harp.

Free Sheet music (piano solo)

Sheet music (piano and Eb instrument - alto sax)
Sheet music (flute/harp) - comes in a book with various flute/harp arrangements by Debussy, Saint-Saens and Puccini. This would make a GREAT wedding music collection for a flute or harp player

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