Sheep May Safely Graze

(Schafe können sicher weiden)

Composer: J.S. Bach
Category: Classical

Sheep May Safely Graze is the most common English title for this aria from Bach's The Hunt (or Hunter) cantata. (I have sung it under the title Flocks In Pastures Green.)

While most of Bach's are on sacred topics, this particular cantata is a secular one. It is sung by Pales, the goddess of of crops and pastures, and describes how sheep are in good hands when they are in the care of a faithful shepherd.

The aria is a popular instrumental choice for wedding music, often played by organ.

Free sheet music (piano or organ solo)
Free sheet music (piano/clarinet)

Sheet music (violin/piano) - comes in a book of 20 songs "The Violinist's Wedding Album")



Sheep may safely graze
Whilst the shepherd is watching.
Where the wise and good rule
Peace will also reign there
And there will be peace throughout the world

GERMAN (original):

Schafe können sicher weiden,
Wo ein guter Hirte wacht.
Wo Regenten wohl regieren,
Kann man Ruh und Friede spüren
Und was Länder glücklich macht

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