Trumpet Tune

Composer: Jeremiah Clarke
Category: Classical

Trumpet Tune is one of the popular choices for wedding processional music that comes from English Baroque composer Jeremiah Clarke. It has been featured numerous times in royal weddings, including Charles & Diana, and Princess Margaret & Anthony Armstrong Jones. His other often-chosen work for weddings is the Prince of Denmark's March (Trumpet Voluntary), usually for recessionals.

Trumpet Tune is from a semi-opera The Island Princess, which Clarke wrote in a collaboration with Daniel Purcell (younger brother to the other famous English Baroque composer Henry Purcell, who is sometimes erroneously credited with Trumpet Tune).

This piece works the best if you have either an organist who uses a trumpet setting for the melody, or a trumpet player and organist to perform it. It also works fine for trumpet and piano, if you don't have access to an organist.

Free sheet music (organ solo) - note the credit given to Purcell instead of Clarke!

Sheet music (piano solo)
Sheet music (piano/Bb instrument, i.e. trumpet)

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