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This is Update Central for Every time I add a new song to the site, change up some of the mp3 choices or sheet music choices, put up a new or improved wedding music all-in-one package, or as I expand the site to include songs for the wedding reception/dance, you'll see it all summarized and linked here.


Widmung (Dedication) by Schumann is a great choice for prelude music in your wedding.

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Classical Wedding Music

Classical wedding music is the most traditional type of music chosen for weddings, perfect for setting an elegant mood for the ceremony.

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Shake (by MercyMe)

My fiance and I are having a 1950s themed wedding. We are also devout Christians, so it was really difficult finding a recessional song to fit the theme

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Love is an open door

It is the main love song from the new movie Frozen. It is also the song where Hans proposes at the end. Would make for a very fun wedding procession. I

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2nd movement of william tell overture

2nd movement of William Tell Overture...this flute based tune is gentle, like a breeze in the woodland and brings great joy and peace in simple and classical

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Betcha By Golly Wow

For my 2005 wedding, our first dance was Betcha By Golly Wow by the Stylistics. We both loved the song and I especially liked the lyric about you're the

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Theme from Ice Castles

1st song we heard when we started getting serious as a couple Editor's note: A classic choice, this is also known as Through the Eyes of Love. Sheet

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Forever and ever Amen

The song forever and ever Amen by Randy Travis is such a nice country with very sweet words. Editor's note: I hadn't considered it as a processional,

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Made to Love You (Misty Edwards)

Such a great tune and great spirit behind the song. This is a happy but calm tune, very peaceful. Editor's note: a tranquil song, excellent to set a reverent

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I see the Light (Tangled Soundtrack)

Nice soft tune. Beautiful song about a long waiting period in life and dreams suddenly coming true. I think this song will always make me think of floating

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