Wedding Music Packages - Classical

I've compiled two wedding music packages of Classical music: traditional and less common. The traditional one includes titles that have been longstanding choices for classical wedding music choices. The less-common list is still classical music, but if it's important to you to have the classical style but with some more unique music, then this package is for you.

As with all the packages on this site, you can preview the songs by listening to the mp3 links and viewing the sheet music for each title. All mp3s and sheet music are also available to download fully.

The sheet music links are mostly piano/vocal, but I've indicated where certain versions can be adapted from the sheet music to be played without the singer. Where possible, I have included a link to a actual piano solo version as well.

And at the bottom of each list is a link to a PDF file of that package that you can download, save and print to take with you (or e-mail) when discussing your music choices with your ceremony musician(s) or officiant.

Classical Package - Traditional

Ceremony Element Song Title
Bridal Party CANON IN D (Pachelbel)

Sheet Music (piano)
Sheet Music (piano/violin)
mp3 (strings/piano)
mp3 (piano)

Flower girl (optional) MINUET IN G MAJOR (Petzold)

Sheet music
mp3 (piano)

Bride TRUMPET TUNE (Clarke)

Sheet music (piano)
mp3 (trumpet/organ)

Unity Ceremony PANIS ANGELICUS (Franck)

Sheet music (piano/vocal, can be piano alone)
Sheet music (string ensemble)
mp3 (string ensemble)


Sheet music (piano)
Sheet music (string ensemble)
mp3 (organ)

Classical Music Package - Traditional (pdf)

Classical Package - Less Common

Ceremony Element Song Title
Bridal Party REVERIE (Debussy)

Sheet music (piano)
mp3 (piano)

Flower girl (optional) PETITE LITANIES OF JESUS (Grovlez)

Sheet music (piano book containing this title)
mp3 (piano)


Sheet music (piano)
mp3 (brass ensemble)

Unity Ceremony GABRIEL'S OBOE (Morricone)

Sheet music (piano)
mp3 (oboe/orchestra)

Recessional RONDEAU (Mouret)

Sheet music (piano)
mp3 (organ/orchestra - track 8)

Classical Music Package - Less Common (pdf)

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