Wedding Music Packages

In all the wedding planning, choosing the music sometimes gets left till the last and then there's a grand panic to figure out what you need! Not to worry - I've put together several wedding music packages according to music style, and given you a couple of package choices within each style.

Image credit: yellowj / 123RF Stock Photo

If your wedding band is your iPod (ha!), just download the mp3s listed under the song titles. In some cases I have more than one mp3 link, depending on the version you prefer. Talk about extremely budget-friendly - what other "wedding musicians" could you hire for less than $5?

If you have live musicians playing, I've included links to sheet music you can download for them. If there is more than one sheet music link, I've indicated the instrumentation for each one so you can download the most appropriate one for your situation.

You can also save and print off the free pdf page of any wedding music package you go with, so you will have it with you when you're discussing your ceremony with your musicians or wedding coordinator.


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