When I Say I Do

Songwriter/Performer: Matthew West
Category: Contemporary

Matthew West is a Contemporary Christian artist who has written for various Christian artists like Point of Grace and Mandisa, as well as for mainstream artists like Billy Ray Cyrus and Rascal Flatts (see The Day Before You, on this site). His lyrics are insightful and deep.

This song works very well for an acoustic wedding - his recording is just voice and piano - and is perfect for the bride's entrance. It also is good for a spot in the ceremony where you just want a song to be featured, maybe for the groom to sing to his bride, or during the unity ceremony.

Sheet music (piano/vocal)


There must be a God, I believe its true.
Cause I can see His love, when I look at you.
And he must have a plan for this crazy life.
Because He brought you here and placed you by my side.

And I have never been so sure of anything before,
Like I am in this moment here with you
Now 'for better or for worse' are so much more than only words
And I pray everyday will be the proof
That I mean what I say when I say I do
Yeah I mean what I say when I say I do

You see these hands you hold, will always hold you up
When the strength you have just ain't strong enough
And what tomorrow brings, only time will tell
But I will stand by you in sickness and in health


Take my hand and take this ring
And know that I will always love you through anything.

And as the years march on like a beating heart
I will live these words 'til death do us part'


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