Yes We Can

Songwriter: Seth Mosley
Performer: Me In Motion
Category: Christian

I first heard Yes We Can by Brit-rock-style group Me In Motion while driving in my car one day. It took a few more times of hearing it in the days and weeks after that, and then one day it occurred to me this would be a great wedding recessional!

I was thinking in particular of a couple I knew who'd been through some really tough times in their relationship, and what a glorious event their wedding would be - a testament to the power of love and God that overcomes any obstacle. In that context, this is a wonderful choice for any couple with a similar journey to the altar.

This song is so new (released late 2011) that I can't locate any sheet music for it yet. If you happen to run across it, please let me know!


I used to run around, round, round, round,
So lost in all of my doubt, doubt, doubt.
How is it possible to stay true,
When the whole world's coming up against you?
But could it be,
That the Spirit in you and me,
Is the very thing that let's us say...

Yes we can!
And it's the reason that we raise our hands,
And when we fall we're getting up again!
So when they say we'll never make it,
Tell 'em, tell 'em, again...
Yes we can! (x4)

So take a look around, round, round round.
So many people knocked down, down down.
Now if you're moving to the power of love,
Then take a hand and help somebody stand up.
Cuz on our own,
We are headed down a dead end road.
But our God is with us so we say...


So if you think you can't take it,
And if you're feeling alone,
Together we can face it!
So here we go (so here we go)
So here we go (so here we go)
We'll let 'em know (we'll let 'em know)
We'll let the whole world know!


(Don't let 'em say that we're too young,
Don't let 'em say that we're too weak.
Don't let 'em say that we can't do it)

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