You Needed Me

Songwriter: Randy Goodrum
Performer: Anne Murray
Category: 70s

Based on songwriter Randy Goodrum's description of this song, it makes a great wedding song - he said it is about "unconditional undeserved love." Anne Murray, a Canadian singer who's been around the music industry since the late '60s, had great success with this song. Her recording hit number one on several Canadian charts and the US Billboard Hot 100.This song helped her become the first Canadian artist to win a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

She has since re-recorded it with fellow Canadian Shania Twain for Murray's 2007 album Duets: Friends & Legends.

Sheet music (piano solo)
Sheet music (piano/vocal)
Sheet music - Boyzone version (piano/vocal)


I cried a tear: you wiped it dry.
I was confused: you cleared my mind.
I sold my soul: you bought it back for me.
And held me up and gave me dignity,
Somehow you needed me.

You gave me strength to stand alone again,
To face the world out on my own again.
You put me high upon a pedestal,
So high that I could almost see eternity,
You needed me.
You needed me.

And I can't believe it's you, I can't believe it's true:
I needed you and you were there.
And I'll never leave: Why should I leave? I'd be a fool.
'Cause I've finally found someone who really cares.

You held my hand when it was cold.
When I was lost, you took me home.
You gave me hope when I was at the end.
And turned my lies back into truth again:
You even called me friend.


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